Worthwhile Webcomics

Friends of Filth

Existential Comics: Will make you laugh and think at the same time. Ouch. Cyanide and Happiness is widely read, but unlike many popular works it’s actually utterly fucking hilarious. This stuff will make you shoot milk out of your nose — even if you’re not drinking milk!
Hark! A Vagrant: Kate Beaton is one of the best working comic creators, and her wit is bone-dry. Jared Konopitski paints explosive, psychedelic fantasy landscapes dense with creepy-cute characters in dream-like situations, equal parts whimsy and terror!
Hostess Comics: The Tomorrow’s Heroes site assembled a fat collection of awesome vintage Hostess comic book ads. It’s the archive we didn’t know we needed! Kriyani is a comic artist of the Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) school, and renders gorgeous anime-style linework that brings to life graphic novel storytelling that ranges from epic to intimate.
Clint Marsh runs publishing house, and prints lovely books and magazines that have the ornate sheen of actual historical artifacts. Works about estoteric knowledge are their speciality.
 Rocky Olivares is a talented illustrator and writer who can effortlessly switch styles from realistic to cartoony, and does all of them well! Her current comic is the comedic western Heroes and Bandits.